27.02.19 DIB News

New Figures: More Immigrants Finding Jobs in Denmark

Although more immigrants are finding work, the percentage is still lower than for people of Danish origin. We must act quickly and help them with both training and jobs. That is the opinion of Deputy Chief Executive, Steen Nielsen.

The proportion of immigrants in employment increased by 1.9 percentage points between 2016 and 2017. Since 2012, when employment was at its lowest, the number of immigrants in jobs has risen by 4.4 percentage points.  

More immigrants’ children are also finding work. The proportion has increased by 1.7 percentage points since 2016 and by 4.5 percentage points since 2012. But there is still a great difference between the employment rates for immigrants and people of Danish origin. 

Thus, only 58% of immigrants aged between 16 and 64 are in work, compared to 74% of Danes.

“An increasing number of immigrants and their children are finding work. The fact that more of them are able to support themselves is brilliant both for society and the individual. It is also good for the companies who need staff,” says Steen Nielsen, Deputy Chief Executive of DI.

“Unfortunately, even though things are undoubtedly proceeding in the right direction and employment is increasing, many immigrants and their children are still not getting trained and find it hard to find jobs. That is costly both for society and the individual,” says Steen Nielsen.

“It is important for the children of immigrants to receive support in their efforts to get qualifications and training. We should make an effort even at pre-school level. At the same, those who do not get educated should also receive better support from job centres when it comes to finding work,” says Steen Nielsen. 

Steen Nielsen

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