From left: Miki Hansen, MIT and intern at 3Shape, Maheera Bawa, MIT and intern at 3Shape, Systems Engineer Poul Martin Ravn, 3Shape at the welcoming reception at DI on Tuesday.

Photo: Katrine Haarh Riisberg
20.06.19 DIB News

Blog: 21 young, bright minds from MIT will spend the summer checking out Denmark

21 students from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have just arrived to spend the summer interning at Danish companies and universities. Head of DI Global Talent Linda Duncan Wendelboe blogs about the purpose of attracting highly-educated talents to the country.


Last Tuesday, the Confederation of Danish Industry (DI) had the pleasure welcoming 21 students from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to Denmark. 

The students have said goodbye to Boston for now and will be spending the coming months at Danish companies and universities. Here, they’ll contribute with their knowledge and skills – and hopefully get a sense of what it’s like to live and work in Denmark.

The hope is that after the summer, they’ll return to MIT as ambassadors for Danish business – and that the experiences they have during their stay in Denmark will inspire them to return and start a career at a Danish company after graduation.

MIT is one of the world’s leading technical universities and the STEM competences that MIT students bring with them are in high demand among Danish companies.

That is one of the reasons why DI has partnered with MIT to set up a country programme for Denmark at the university. The purpose of the programme is to create closer ties between Danish business and the Boston region – and to attract highly-educated talents to Denmark, for example by offering MIT students internships at Danish companies.

The country programme, established with support from the Danish Industry Foundation, has been met with great enthusiasm from both companies and MIT students. So great, in fact, that the number of students interning in Denmark already in the first year of the programme is double that of the original plan.

Companies see great value in building closer ties to MIT, and several company visits and large-scale events have already taken place the university, allowing Danish companies to build up their employer brand among the university’s tech talents.

Likewise, students at MIT are very interested in learning more about Denmark, Danish work culture and Danish companies’ fields of expertise.

In particular, Denmark’s leading position in green transition is an important draw for young global talents – so important, in fact, that the 21 visiting MIT students highlight the focus on sustainable development among Danish research institutions and businesses as one of the reasons why they decided to spend their summer interning in Denmark.

Want to know more?

To learn more about the MIT-Denmark programme and how your company can participate, please contact Head of DI Global Talent Linda Duncan Wendelboe at or tel. 93988050.

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