02-10-19 DIB News

DI: Unemployment rate unchanged for nearly a year, indicating slowdown

New figures: Unemployment has been at a standstill since the end of last year - and this at a very low level. It’s a sign that Denmark could be facing more difficult times.

Unemployment remained at the same level in August as in July, show new figures from Statistics Denmark. There are currently 104,800 unemployed full-time workers, equivalent to 3.8 per cent of the workforce. Unemployment has been at this level since the end of 2018.

“The unemployment rate hasn’t changed much over the past year, and we’re currently in a kind of limbo where it’s difficult to predict what will happen the rest of the year. There are clear signs of weakness in the European economy and many unknowns in relation to Brexit which create uncertainty for many companies,” says Deputy Director Steen Nielsen, DI.

“The unchanged but very low unemployment rate is yet another sign that the upswing has slowed, and that Denmark could be facing more difficult times,” says Steen Nielsen.

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