Danish Minister of Foreign Affairs emphasizes that foreign companies can still do business with Denmark and receive exports from us.

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16.03.20 DIB Nyheder

Minister of Foreign affairs: Denmark is closed for Corona - but open for business

New information campaign from the Ministry of Foreign affairs aims at ensuring that our business partners abroad understand that goods and services are still allowed to get in and out of Denmark.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs launches an information campaign to eliminate any misunderstanding of Denmark and Danish business community.

- Denmark and Danish business is certainly not closed for business. We must spread this message to the outside world, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Jeppe Kofod (S) emphasizes in an email to DI Business.  

- We still need to trade and foreign companies can still do business with Denmark. The campaign will among other things emphasize that the temporary admission rules at the border will not delay the import and export of goods. Goods and services can still get in and out of Denmark. That is a fact.

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Denmark is open for business

To spread the message the Minister of Foreign Affairs has instructed the Ministry to launch an information campaign to the outside world pointing out that Denmark and the Danish business community is open for business. 

- That is a key message in the time to come. Denmark is closed for Corona but not for business, Jeppe Kofod emphasizes. 

The Minister of Foreign Affairs informs that he and his minister colleagues have an ongoing and close dialogue in order to separate right from wrong.

The Danish ambassadors abroad also put a lot of effort into spreading the message and they will, in cooperation with the Trade Council, be in charge of the launching of the information campaign. 

The outside world thought Denmark was closed

The actions from the Minister of Foreign Affairs are taken after the Confederation of Danish Industry (DI) reported that the Danish furniture manufacturer Steens was waiting for two truck loads of furniture to be picked up, only to find out that the British customer thought that all Danish companies had closed down.

Director for International Market Policy at DI, Peter Thagesen adds that DI is also working on an information campaign to ensure that the outside world does not get a misleading impression of the precautions taken in Denmark to limit the spread of the Coronavirus. 

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