30.03.23 DFL Nyheder

Se eller gense FEICA webinar om lim og genbrug af pap og papir

FEICA har afholdt et webinar om lim i forbindelse med genbrug af pap og papir. Interesserede kan stadig nå at se eller gense webinaret.

Præsentationen og optagelse af webinaret er tilgængelige:
• Se/download præsentationen her
• Se optagelsen af webinaret her

Se de vigtigste takeaways ses her:
Adhesive technology and applications are as versatile as the packaged items on the supermarket shelf
• Adhesives are an integral part of paper and board packaging
• Lab testing simulates the recycling process, but is not a ‘mini paper plant’
• Paper and board packaging continues to grow, and more formats and applications are being introduced, especially as brands seek to replace plastics
• EU-wide efforts need to be made to improve the infrastructure for collection, sorting and state-of-the-art recycling facilities
• Innovative adhesive technology enables growth in the fibre-based packaging market and is compatible with recycling processes when selected appropriately


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