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Polish engineer has positive experience with Danish temp agency

Working in a temp-agency is a great opportunity to gain experience, according to a young engineer from Poland. He chose an agency who treats their temp workers well.

“I find that the temp-system is a great opportunity to try new things, gain experience and get exposure,” says 28-year-old Piotr Kurzawski, who has a positive experience from working in Denmark.

”Approximately 5 years ago I came to Denmark from Poland, and since then I have been active on the Danish job market,” he says.

He is an educated engineer holding a bachelor’s degree and he has a forklift certificate. Also, he has practical work experience from Poland. These qualifications are useful in Denmark.

Choose the right temp agency
The working culture in Denmark is characterized by respect for the workers, he explains. Also, he is very happy with his choice of using a temporary employment agency.

During his stay in Denmark, he has been collaborating with an agency from the association VikarBranchen. It is an association for temp agencies who treat their workers well. They all make sure to pay their workers a correct and timely salary which is in accordance with Danish collective agreements.

“About four years ago, I was collaborating with one of VikarBranchen’s temp agencies, and I went to a company in Aarhus as a temp worker. I got hired as a production worker and was in no time was promoted to product engineer, despite my lack of Danish language skills” he says.

When he lost the position, he got back in touch with the same temp agency. They found a new job for him right away. From December 1st a new position will be added to his resume as he will be permanently employed as a procurement engineer at Siemens Gamesa in Aalborg.

Timely and correct salary
Piotr Kurzawski has been very happy cooperating with a temp agency from VikarBranchen.

“I have only had positive experience with this company: fair and timely payment, helpful, professional and supportive personnel. Throughout my collaboration with them I always felt included – by the company as well as the customers they collaborate with,” he says.

He recommends working in Denmark. But if you plan to stay there for a while, like himself, he suggests that you attend Danish classes.

Follow this link if you are curious to see the temp agencies in VikarBranchen: https://www.danskindustri.dk/medlemsforeninger/vikarbranchen/medlemmer/


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