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The European Biosolutions Coalition is a reality

A bio revolution is under way. It has great potential to deliver on the green agenda worldwide, but EU regulations is slowing down the development of bio solutions and weakens the competitiveness at EU bio companies. Industry organisations from European countries want to change this – and today The European Biosolutions Coalition held its first meeting in Brussels.

Director of the European Biosolutions Coalition, Sofie Carsten Nielsen from Danish Industry, Denmark, hosted the first meeting.

- I am very happy to have the coalition in place. We are now ready to work just in time for giving input to the important Key Priority for 2024 on Biotech and Biomanufacturing, launched by the European Commission President, Mrs Ursula von der Leyen, says Sofie Carsten Nielsen.

- Biosolutions have enormous potential to help Europe reach the green goals and create sustainable growth and green jobs. However, if Europe is to reap the potentials of biosolutions and biomanufacturing the existing regulatory framework must evolve to support the unique attributes and potential of biosolutions.


During the last decade progress within research and innovation in biological sciences and technology has created an untapped potential for biosolutions to help the world and Europe meet some of the greatest challenges of our time. When it comes to sustainable food systems, biodiversity, environment, and climate change the world faces major questions and challenges. Biosolutions hold some of the most important answers.

But today biosolutions are regulated by various regulatory regimes in the EU. These sets of rules have one thing in common: They are not designed with biosolutions in mind. For example industrial biosolutions and biomanufacturing are subject to regulations aimed at regulating fossil-based substances. This results in outdated regulatory requirements that does not support innovative biosolutions and the acceleration of the green transition.

The system for regulatory renewal is far slower than other regions. Europe is the slowest in the world in terms of approval of new biological solutions, despite so much of the expertise and companies being founded in Europe.

As a result, the EU is lagging its global peers, losing both tax revenue and access to the innovative products of European origin to deliver on EU’s green ambitions.

The European Biosolutions Coalition is created to change this and help Europe reach its green goals with the help of biosolutions.

Partners in the European Biosolutions Coalition so far:

  • Danish Industry, DI
  • Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers, VNO-NCW
  • The Federation of Austrian Industry, IV
  • economiesuisse, the Swiss business federation

More partners to come in the following months.

Quotes from all partners in the European Biosolutions Coalition:

Mrs. Monika Rühl
Chairwoman of the Executive Board of economiesuisse, the Swiss business federation:

“Companies in Europe have a strong background in development and application of biosolutions for the benefit of all. In order not to lose the race to the top in innovation compared to other economic regions, it is all about ensuring the right regulatory framework. “

Mr. Christoph Neumayer
Director General, Federation of Austrian Industries, IV:

“We are delighted to take part in this timely initiative of our Danish colleagues to advance the regulatory and financial framework for bioindustrial solutions and the biotechnology sector. Innovative industrial products and processes in these fields will facilitate our decarbonization efforts and create new markets along the way. Europe can and should position itself as biosolutions leader. Thus, we look forward to working with DI and our fellow European partners to advance biosolutions in Austria, Europe and beyond.”

Mr. Focco Vijselaar
Director-General, VNO-NCW:

“Biosolutions holds many answers to key transitions like health, food, and sustainability.  Our strong legacy in all these biotechnological areas allow us to provide European answers to global challenges, and so strengthen our competitiveness and strategic autonomy.”

Mr. Lars Sandahl Sørensen
CEO, Danish Industry, DI:

“The Commission President, Mrs Ursula von der Leyen has now made biotechnology and bioindustrial solutions – or in short biosolutions – a priority for the EU. This is something we can only applaud. Now we need to act in order for many more biosolutions to be able to reach the European markets to solve challenges with the green transition and secure Europe geopolitically, economically and in terms of future green jobs.”

Learn more on the Biosolutions Coalition's website

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