22.02.21 FOS Nyheder

New director of FAD

From April 1, 2021, Joachim Finkielman is FAD's new Director.

FAD is glad to announce that Joachim Finkielman is going to be FAD's new Director by the beginning of April. Joachim Finkielman comes from a position as Senior Director at The Danish Emergency Management Agency (DEMA) and has many years of experience within the Ministry of Defence, including as the Consultant of Defence by the permanent Danish representants to NATO.

Mr. Finkielman is going to take over Frank Bill's position as present director - a position Mr. Bill has run for 8 years. Mr. Bill hands over some exciting tasks, that Mr. Finkielman is looking forward to getting started with: 

- This industry can do an even greater difference and I am looking forward to contributing to this development with the integration of a new national defence industry strategy and by engaging with the members, among others. Last mentioned, is number one on my to-do list, explains Mr. Finkielman. 

- Joachim's task is to convert the members' ambitions on the defence-and security area on the basis of a new national defence industry strategy, which will seek to lead the industry to new heights. This is the next step, after Mr. Bill has managed to increase the number of members significantly in the last years, states Senior Director at The Confederation of Danish Industry, Henriette Søltoft. 

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