03.02.21 FOS Nyheder

Sky-Watch's UAV reaches 5100 meters Above Mean Sea Level

Sky-Watch's ISR mini UAV platform HEIDRUN success by demonstrating its capability to reach 5100 AMSL.

Foto: @Sky-Watch A/S

An impressing demonstration 

At Sky-Watch's demonstration for a defence customer, the  Danish  developer and manufacturer of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) demonstrated how their drone, the ISR mini UAV platform HEIDRUN, was able to reach 5100 Above Mean Sea Level. 

This is very impressive for a UAV to reach this height, especially since the demonstration took place in a very mountainous area and the temperature was measured to only -15 degrees Celsius. Furthermore, it showed the UAV's ability to perform DRI (Detect, Recognition, and Identification) in a harsh and inaccessible environment.

Safe landing

When the successful demonstration reached its end, the UAV landed safely at the designated landing zone at the mountainside in the frozen snow. Additionally, Sky-Watch used their new software Sky-Watch Drone Manager(SDM), Heidrun Video Controller (HVC), and Compact Ground Station (CGS) for the demonstration. The press release regarding the new software used for the demonstration is illustrated below. Overall a successful mission, which Sky-Watch can be very proud of. 

FAD congratulates Sky-Watch on their impressive achievements.

Press release


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