Water Delegation to Argentina

Explore the Argentine water and biogas sector - join and influence the green transition in Argentina!


The Confederation of Danish Industry, Danish Export Water Technology and the Danish Embassy in Argentina invite companies to be a part of a water and biogas delegation to Argentina.

The Argentine water sector is progressing substantially. When developing sustainable solutions for water supply and wastewater treatment, Danish expertise and technology is an important source of inspiration. Join this delegation and get access to key stakeholders within the argentine water sector.


The Danish State Visit to Argentina in March 2019 and a Memorandum of Understanding between Argentine and Danish water authorities have led to a unique Argentine interest for Danish water sector technologies. The close cooperation, which includes BIOFOS and the Argentine water utility company AySA, provides exceptional opportunity for learning more about the Argentine plans and for understanding the pressing needs for new technologies of AySA, servicing 14 million inhabitants in Buenos Aires.

Danish technologies are a principal source of inspiration for the Argentines, and in August 2019, the State Secretary for Infrastructure and Water Policy and the President of AySA visited Denmark to continue the dialogue initiated during the State Visit. The Argentine visit was followed by a 5-day workshop between BIOFOS and AySA showcasing the Danish model within wastewater treatment as well as Danish technologies and solutions. 

Why join?

Argentina has demonstrated a strong commitment to the green transition. Among other actions, this include a significant expansion of the Argentine water infrastructure, with the goal of providing access to clean drinking water for the entire Argentine population as well as sewerage for three quarters of the population. For this transition, the government has devoted US $ 9.5 billion. In addition, AySA has independently earmarked $500 mil for technology investments.

The close relationship between Argentine and Danish authorities, including the cooperation between BIOFOS and AySA, uniquely positions Danish solutions in the very center of the Argentine decision process when defining investments. By joining this business delegation, you will get valuable insights into the Argentine water sector and you will get direct access to potential buyers from both the public and private sector. As such, this business delegation serves as an excellent platform for exploring business opportunities and expanding existing business in Argentina. Read the Danish Trade Council’s analysis of the Argentine market here.

Please see invitation attached on the right hand side for more information. 


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