Rebuild Ukraine 3.0 - Health & Rehabilitation

Join Danish Industry at the Rebuild Ukraine 3.0 - Health & Rehabilitation exhibition - the largest event on health and rehabilitation in Ukraine. The exhibition will have more than 5000 participants from nearly 50 countries.

Ukraine is facing a humanitarian crisis and a massive need for health and rehabilitation services and products for the millions of people affected by the war. The aim of Rebuild Ukraine is to provide both short term soloutions to this crisis, and innovative solutions for the future reconstruction. 

Why Join?

The Ukrainian health and rehabilitation sector has a demand for reconstruction totalling $16.4 billion over the next decade. At the exhibition, you will have the opportunity to introduce and promote your company to key decision-makers and potential partners in Ukraine, and take part in the reconstruction.

Rebuild Ukraine is a unique opportunity for Danish companies to:

  • Supply the urgent need for equipment and facilities for rehabilitation.
  • Help restore the human capital and medical infrastructure of Ukraine.
  • Supply rehabilitation specialists and advanced training for medical staff.

The delegation is relevant for a varierty of Danish companies including:

  • Suppliers of medical equipment and devices
  • Providers of rehabilitation and assistive technology solutions
  • Developers of digital health and telemedicine platforms
  • Consultants and trainers in health management and quality improvement
  • Producers and distributors of pharmaceuticals and biotechnology products

If you have any question, do not hesitate to reach out.